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I am an experienced Interior Designer that offers a range of consultancy within the fields of creative direction. I work with a holistic approach that unites different skillsets within my field, primarily Interior design solutions, tailoring of furniture and objects, internal branding through interior solutions and strategic design consultancy.

INTERIOR design 

I design interior that delivers a connection between function and aesthetics, brand and strategic advice.


Each interior design is created with its own characteristics and style, exclusively for the specific clients needs, goals and identity.



In most interior design projects, I tailor-make parts of the interior to fit the architecture or a specific client need.  I believe that intelligent interior solutions and furniture designs is fundamental to attract and retain the right talents and can be used as a tool to nudge behaviors and culture.

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Design consultancy holds a wide menu of tasks. Either as a part of a solution or when included in a larger collaboration. From color- and moldboard’s, spaceplanning, choice of furniture to CO-Creative workshops and Strategic design guides.

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Understanding the essence of the brand is a tool white working with internal branding, through interior styles and solutions. There is a cross-over to visual communications, were we often design folie or other graphic elements, signing and internal storytelling as a part of the interior solution and concept.

This includes choice of art and decorations.

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